NXP® offers a broad selection of next-generation automotive transponders and readers for secure and convenient access and immobilizer systems.

  • Automotive NFC products combine an NFC frontend with an advanced 32-bit microcontroller. Our solutions enable higher integration with fewer components.
  • Automotive Immobilizer systems have helped reduce car theft by more than 90% since they were first introduced. NXP® leads the transponder-based immobilizer market.
  • Passive Keyless Entry systems recognize the driver and open the car as they approach. They also automatically lock the car, turn off the lights and enable the alarm upon exit.
  • Remote Keyless Entry systems combine access and immobilizer functions. Our latest IC features a RISC processor for the highest flexibility and functionality in a car key.
  • RF Link solutions include a radio frequency transceiver with embedded microcontroller. They support car keyfob and body control module applications.


  • Solutions include transponders, encryption and challenge/response systems, and matching base station ICs
  • Mutual authentication using state-of-the-art cryptologic algorithms
  • Meets strict quality standards required by the automotive industry
  • No batteries required

Product Description
NCF3320AHN The NXP® NCx3320 combines high RF output power with robust multiple protocol support. The high integration level makes it ideal for car door handles
NCF3340AHN Automotive qualified NFC Controller with NCI interface
NCK2983AHN RF Link, Low Power Multi-Channel UHF Transceiver with Triple Receiver